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How to get into Bhutan.


The quick get way is from Indian border town Airport Bagdorda. It is connected from all major cities of India where you can take your flight  to Bagdora and drive to Bhutan with in the short time. Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar are the only land border areas open to tourists.The town of Phuentsholing in south-west is located approximately 170 km east of the Indian national airport at Bagdogra. After crossing Phuentsholing, you begin your journey to Thimphu, the capital city with travel time of about six hours for the 170 km stretch.

Once you reached to Phuntsholing Immigrations formalities is mandatory to carry on to have smooth travel from both end.

For all Regional tourists (India, Bangladesh & Maldives) Voter Card/ Passport & birth certificate for children (if passport is not available) is must to get permit. Tourist can also avail online permit through registered tour operator in advance for which Passport, 3 star hotel and guide is mandatory. For other country tourist it is mandatory to obtain visa before arrival.

Indio-Bhutan border facilitates with great sense of travel and adventure as it offers multi sub-tropical views, animals and mesmerizing border between Bhutan and India.


The only international Airport in Bhutan is known as Paro International Airport which  is situated at a height of 2,225 m (7300 ft) above sea level and is surrounded by mountains as high as 4,876 m (16,000 ft). At present two carriers operate to Bhutan, Drukair and Bhutan Airlines. And there are domestic airports in Yonphula in eastern Bhutan, Bumthang in central Bhutan, and Gelephu in south-central Bhutan

Flying into Bhutan’s Paro International Aiport is typically an exciting experience as the descent into Paro valley brings you closer to the mountain tops than most other flights in the world. The flight between Paro and Kathmandu is one of the most exciting ones as the aircraft passes over four of the five highest mountains in the world. In fine weather, as you soar higher up, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Kangchenjunga at their best.

The sector which the two airlines operates is as follows: