Bhutan First Adventure

Approved By: Tourism council of Bhutan
Under Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bhutan

About Company

About Bhutan First Adventure

Bhutan First Adventure established in 2017 is one of the most reliable and the most trusted tour operator registered and licenced by Tourism Counsel of Bhutan whose only objective lies upon the comfort and the contentment of the clients. This ambitious venture strives to make the best deals in competitive rates available to all our esteemed clients. Furthermore, the company takes full responsibility of all the tour packages and travel requirements such as ticketing, visa, hotel reservations and money exchanges without any complications and discontents of the clients. With firm assurance, the company ensures to aid all our valued clients to relish “The land of Happiness’ clothed with rich tradition and culture. In addition, the majestic landscapes surrounded with historical Dzongs, temples and ancient crafts of Bhutan would be of great opportunity to explore with the help of this company. We constantly back our client to discover Bhutan ‘The last Shangrila’ which celebrates its colourful festivals and unique religious practices. This one-stop initiate offers the complete range of travel related services. With competent staffs, strategic & efficient planning, the company holds the ability to anticipate and resolve potential

 problems along the way. Thus, ensuring our guests a chance to explore the beauty of the country. We provide all the tour and trekking facilities, sightseeing, photography, Buddhist pilgrimages and visit to National parks available in all the twenty Dzongkhags of Bhutan throughout the year. We suggest our clients all the information about the best time and place to visit places one is looking forward to explore.

About the Founder.

Bhutan First Adventure was founded with a magnificent vision of always giving the clients primary preference in making adventurous and memorable journey.  Peter Bikash, the company’s Travel Head has the passion of exploring and creating memorable travels. His passion for exploring Bhutan and its unique culture has helped him to unveil most of the untouched historical sights of the country thus making him aware of intimate details of the places.  His 10 years of teaching experience has benefited him to socialise with people in every nook and corner of the country and express his knowledge flawlessly to the clients in English. His passion driven over travelling has added ample knowledge of Bhutanese history, culture and tradition which he positively desires to share with all the enthusiastic travellers who craves to visit Bhutan. His experience with the team expertise on tourism, he holds a vision to treat clients with warmth and affection. He has enough experience of managing the agency with utmost patience, preparing tour packages favourable for the valued clients. His altruistic nature has always met the expectations of the clients without any hitches. The person who is clothed with complete vigour and fun strives for the safety and the worth of the client’s decision in choosing this tour operator


Bhutan First Adventure is run by highly dedicated and approachable personnel whose experience over travel industry is commendable. Umesh Rimmon, the Co-Founder of this travel operator was business studies lecturer whose command over English language and other required international language has added additional plus point to serve Tourism industry. His 7 years of experience in Tourism Industry as a certified tour guide and administrator has equipped him to take care of all the arrangements in both the fields. Currently, he serves as a travel advisor to Bhutan First Advisor, loaded with all the required knowledge of the industry. Thus, ensuring the most informative and memorable travel. He confirms not to let the client’s expectations fall into dissatisfaction and he is ever ready to help you travel to any places in Bhutan at any time of the year.