Bhutan First Adventure

Approved By: Tourism council of Bhutan
Under Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bhutan

Weeding and Honeymoon Tour

Bhutan is well known for its peaceand is the happiest country in the world. Bhutan offers some spectacular honeymoon options. Celebrate your union at isolated valley with mesmerizing views and savour the whisper of birds singing. Seventh-century temple or a 17th-century fortress or an old palace that resonates with amazing stories of yesteryears and head to the countryside for solace and privacy. What you can expect: Mesmerise her with white water rafting, helicopter tour, or organise special Buddhist festival over the enigmatic Himalayas, go for a biking tour across the meandering roads of this tiny nation indulge in some cultural, spiritual and wellness tours together, everything that makes this place one of the most fun honeymoon destinations for all lover of nature and mountains.