Bhutan First Adventure

Approved By: Tourism council of Bhutan
Under Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bhutan

Why travel with us

As it says “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies”

We take above statement very seriously. Bhutan first adventure is one-stop shop were we offers combination of high quality tour. This includes all, every aspect of travel need is cover such as hotels, Visa, detail tour itinerary, personalized driver and guide throughout the tour, small group size and culturally immersive itineraries for the tour. In fact, the most common refrain from our travelers is that they can’t believe is that value for every penny spends is worth more giving.

You may find what seems like a similar tour at a lower price with one of our competitors, but when you know that you are not confident, rethink before you say yes. Being a local we know which thing to put first and save time to give immense pleasure of the trip. When you book with us distribution channel is cut off and we offer once a lifetime journey that shouldn’t be just money matter but gain valuable wisdom for a life. We believe inner most of doing things and redefine travel and give meaning to it.  When it comes to international travel, high quality with value can truly be the difference between a good tour and an incredible one.

We are a Local Tours Operator:

This means that we communicate directly with our client and give exact information they want, we create your unique travel experiences, and redefine travel in its own term to facilate you with the authentic travel product and offering you the best quotation for your trip.

We are licensed company by Ministry of Trade & Economic: This allows us to meet certain standards and set benchmarks within Bhutan Tourism Industry under supervision of Tourism Council of Bhutan. We are copyright registered and are established venture in Tourism Industry of Bhutan. Our Licence No(123456789) is a proof of geniun tour operator under the umbrella of Tourism councila of Bhutan.

Fair Prices and Unsurpassed Value:

When you deal with Bhutan First adventure you will cut out all middlemen or channel of distribution. Therefore, our prices are fair and competitive. Further, we guarantee our services offering you a great value for your money. Our price, sometimes, is not very cheap, but worth to every cent to you.

 Licensed Local Tour Guides:

Our friendly and  well experienced local tour guides are the keys to make value of your trip. We ensure 100% our local tour guide are experience and license guaranteed by Tourism Council of Bhutan. Their professionalism, personality and outstanding knowledge to make a memorable journey. Their ability to communicate their culture clearly and in an amusing and educational manner will make the experience, even more enjoyable.


We believe in no trcae behind but only your footprints and great value for the local communities and their prayer for your wellbeing. As we live in harmonious in nature and cuture  inspiration  no negative environmental impacts on the destinations. Let this carbon negative country be a blissful journey and bringing you happiness even year on.