Bhutan First Adventure

Approved By: Tourism council of Bhutan
Under Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bhutan

Bird watching and wildlife

Is a great favourite combining, some of the finest bird watching in the tiny Himalaya nation with spectacular scenery. Despite its small size the country has more than 770 species of birds recorded in Bhutan. Bhutan is the birding paradise and the ultimate destination for the birdwatcher and bird lovers around the world. Due to its huge bio diversity from sub-tropical to high Himalaya that covers 72.5% under forest cover. There are five national parks, four wildlife sanctuaries and one nature reserve, which together constitute about 43% of Bhutan, or 16,396 sq. km. In additional 3307 sq. km is designated as a network of biological corridors linking all nine protected areas, putting 52% of the country under some form of protection. Bhutan is really a splendid experience as the country is claimed to be the major part of the high bio-diversity conservation hotspot known as Eastern Himalayan hotspots.